RECRUITED - a Rayna Tan Action Thriller

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About Wesley Robert Lowe

Wesley Robert Lowe began his career in music as a jazz pianist, keyboard player and composer for film and television where his four seasons on Sesame St. resulted in several international awards.

Lowe was encouraged to expand into writing and media production. As a writer and director, he is noted for his work with cultural diversity – Eastern European refugees, First Nations Peoples and his own Chinese heritage. Recognition came not only from awards and nominations for his novels, screenplays and in films but from the Canadian government. He has represented Canada on trade missions and was appointed the national chair of a multimillion dollar fund to address Chinese historical wrongs.

Twenty years ago, surviving WWII veterans of Chinese heritage asked Lowe to be their Chaplain. All of them had participated in WWII without rights of citizenship and many had issues of unresolved PTSD and racial discrimination. From counseling them, their families, and conducting their celebrations of life, Lowe is imbued with their sense of courage, love and loyalty.

From this, Lowe’s personal circle is broad: policemen, politicians and pedophiles; mobsters, martial artists and medical doctors; illegal immigrants and international power brokers.

A lifelong learner, Lowe has a Master’s of Music from the University of Toronto, Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from Humber College and Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies from Vancouver’s Regent College.

When he’s not writing, he plays his 1908 handmade Steinway piano and roasts his own coffee.

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