BETRAYED: An Action Thriller Novel (Noah Reid Series, Action, Mystery & Suspense Book 1)

BETRAYED: An Action Thriller Novel (Noah Reid Series, Action, Mystery & Suspense Book 1)

Action, audacity, atrocities and more! It's a Definite Must Read!
The descriptions are so vivid that you will feel like you are right there.
Riveting and suspense packed...

Is the girl of his dreams worth the nightmare of life?
Meet Noah Reid. Born to American missionaries in Shanghai. Mentored by Shaolin grandmaster in Hong Kong. That makes him Yin and Yang: compassionate, yet lethal; ferocious, yet charming; serious, yet sexy. He's a special kind of action hero.

Noah thinks he's set for life as a new attorney with a prestigious Hong Kong law firm. He dreams of resuming his martial arts studies, making partner in three years, and marrying senior partner Garret Southam's daughter, Olivia.

Then the dream shatters.

Word gets out that Garret embezzled billions from a Triad overlord. Mayhem ensues when the crime boss kidnaps Olivia. Even with the body count escalating, Garret won't reveal where he's hidden the funds.

With the clock ticking, Noah races to save Olivia, but does he have what it takes to tackle Asia's most ruthless gangster?

Pick up your copy of this relentless action thriller today!

Q What makes the Noah Reid series special?

I love action, adventure, suspense, thrillers, exotic locations and stories that pull you personally. Of course, many authors do but one thing that differentiates me is that I'm a Chinese born in America so I have feet planted in both cultures. As I've been consulted by the government and represented Canada to China on trade missions, I also bring a certain authenticity.

As I work as a writer for film and television and directed documentaries and films, I have a strong visual sense to my writing. Worked on over a hundred projects as writer or editor.

Q - Sounds pretty serious.
A. No, not really. It's all backstory. Just turn off your brain and enjoy hours of escapism--assassinations, murder, car chases, beautiful girls, handsome guys... it's pulp fiction for today. Fun, fast, furious.

Q - Why should readers give the Noah Reid books a try?
A -My books have cracked Amazon's Top Ten Bestseller Lists in several categories including Crime, Pulp, Terrorism, and surprise! Literature and Fiction.

Q - Who are your influences?
A - I read a lot of great traditionally published authors--Brad Thor, Lee Child, Dan Brown, Vince Flynn, Robert Ludlum, James Patterson... But because I'm in the indie world, I read a ton of writers. Russell Blake is a particular favorite - love the way his stories kick serious butt!

Q - Any other comments?

A - Readers are the lifeblood of every author. With time being the most valuable thing we have, thank you on behalf of all of us.

Betrayed was originally published as Terror Unleashed

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