American Terrorist (The Rayna Tan Action Thrillers Book 1)

American Terrorist (The Rayna Tan Action Thrillers Book 1)

Explosive action. International drama. Chilling suspense…

It’s definitely not just a man’s world anymore.

When terrorists launches assaults on the Washington Monument and the New York subway system, all government resources are thrown at the situation, trying to contain the damage and prevent more.

So when a video of desecration and beheading in a small Syrian village appears briefly on the deep web, no one pays attention to the ragtag marauders or the sword-wielding executioner who promises to “light up America.”

No one, that is, except Fidelitas, a clandestine organization dedicated to filling in the cracks of missing justice. Rayna Tan, ex-Canadian Special Forces and newly minted covert operative, heads the mission to seek and destroy. It takes her from San Francisco to Iraq and back.

Rayna discovers that the threat is not only real, but imminent. With the 4th of July coming, the sophisticated terrorist group plans an apocalyptic disaster more than ten times the size of 9-11. But where the hell is it going to be? And who are they?

Fidelitas’ intelligence find the insurgents' operations well-financed. Their web includes fake new refugees to secret Jihadists who have operated on American soil for decades.

Masterminding their plot is a woman whose intellect, beauty and strength match Rayna's - but whose moral compass swings a hundred and eighty degrees opposite.

If devastation is to be thwarted, Rayna and Fidelitas must put pedal to the metal to find the exact target, then act with military precision to neutralize the cold, ruthless agents.

American Terrorist is a work of fiction, but what’s truly scary is that the scenario is frighteningly plausible. This is no conspiracy theory. We do have shadowy, brutal enemies. Can we stop them from executing destruction again?


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